Employees are the ones who work for the organization, embrace the systems and indeed develop a particular culture within the company. We also know that HRM is comprised of corporate employees, so it’s the employees who are the key to nurturing the corporate culture. Look into your employees to build your culture. This era looks into and appreciates good corporate culture. Thus let’s look into how HRM can nurture corporate culture. HRM is known for recruitment, selection, training etc. But they do play an important role in the environment style or rather the corporate culture of the organization. A company’s culture is a by-product of the leadership style followed in by the top officials. The top official’s sets framework for the rest of the company. It could be for better or worse. But indeed the employees follow their leaders and impart the same into them thus forming the corporate culture of the company. A corporate can have different types of management styles at different levels. HRM should put in efforts to develop strategies that could create harmony between management style and business goals while maintaining employee wellbeing. Every employee looks forward to a working environment where they can have learning opportunities and enjoy the ease of sharing knowledge and information. Here comes the role of HRM. A corporate culture cannot be remolded overnight or within short span of time. The leadership style of the corporate plays a vital role in the culture setting process. So HRM should start from the leadership style. HRM should make religious efforts to understand the concerns of the employee. Employees should be able to provide feedbacks and HRM makes sure the feedbacks and concerns are taken care of. As said above, it is employees that makes or creates the corporate culture; hence it is important that they are satisfied and content. It is necessary for the employees to feel that they are part of something important rather than daily job routines or tasks. The company could be seriously affected if disengagement or passive tones start to reflect in the culture. Today HRs or more specifically HRM is under pressure to manage and mold corporate culture. In order to stand out and attract new recruits a corporate needs to work on its culture. This era demands a positive and engaging work culture for growth and retention. Hence it’s high time your HRM takes a look into it.

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