HR is an important part of any professional organization.  We understand the importance and relevance of HR management and solutions. HR solutions include managing employees, task management, payroll, talent management, etc. 

Ourea provides you a set of solutions to help you through the troubles of managing HR and enhance the quality of work at your office.


We help you manage your HR better and with more efficiency. 

 HR management helps you manage your staffs better and provide them with better job satisfaction leading to a better productivity.


Manage your employees better

We offer HR management, operations and supportive services that can enhance your business growth and provide much higher job satisfaction to your employees building a great internal system.


Find the right talent

We help you find the right talent for hiring in your firm. Hiring is a difficult yet a long investment process. We assign you experts in the field with your HR to find you the best talent across to help you build the right team.


Enhance the quality of your business

Practicing business isn’t an easy task, but your freedom of doing it is what makes it special and unique. We help you align your business policies and practices for a healthier and better business. 



HR sofwares help you manage the employees better, not only that all of your employees get an access to their personal details, attendances, amends, holidays, etc. 

 HR softwares also holds assignment information, public calenders as well. These updated softwares can help you keep a better track of your team.

It also provides


Compensation and benefits

We provide you with adequate advice on how to legalise and create compensation and benefits policies for your employee’s utmost job satisfaction and productivity in your firm.

Compliances and audits

Constant audits help in reviewing the strength of the compliance policies of the organization like  security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures. 

Performance and culture

Backbone of any firm remains their team. Diversity in the team brings better understanding and acceptance in the group helping in enhancing the interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Placement assistance

We help talented upcomers and professionals to find right opportunities in their respective field.  We believe in bridging the gap between talented and skilled people and amazing opportunities.

On site interview support

On site interview support

Interviews are a major part of hiring, a lot many times you might not have the time to find the right candidate and sit through the interviews. Interviews tell a lot about the candidates potentials. Seeking for on-site interview support can help you get experts to chose the best for you saving you much time and providing efficient results.

HR for SME and New Business

HR for SME / Small Business

Handling startup and SMEs can take some time, we help you find perfect and cost effective HR solutions to handle your business well and organised. We help you document your legal documents and policies in the right and accurate way so as to avoid any  confusions in future.

Interim HR Support

Interim HR Support

Resources might lack at sometimes, getting help at such times can save you a boatload of money and decreased chance of heavy mistakes. We help you get the support you need, we get you temporary HR resources to get you through difficult and heavy work loads. 

Business HR Solutions

Business can be a lot to take, we help you take care of load and help you find templates for your webinars, training and much more. 

We help you take care of your business needs and support you till you need us.

HR Skills

HR skills include many important aspects of being a professional in an organization. 

 HR skills includes handling a conflicting situation well, fairly dismissing, creating contracts, creating friends and family policies, and much more. These tasks needs a fair amount of consideration and empathy towards other.

HR Skill training

HR skills helps you take an organization smoothly hence its importance is very prominent. We train to acquire and enhance your HR skills to assure a better customer satisfaction and a smoother working of the business. 

People Management Skills

Our experience in the field has allowed us to cover some people management skills under our wings. People management skills includes appreciating others, being a better leader, being more considerate, and much more. We help you acquire all those in the right way to have a better running business with satisfied employees.